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Blocks always occur at the end of an instruction, they cannot appear on their own. Dodo blocks use two separate notations. The first one uses curly braces "{ }". The second notation starts with a colon and ends with a dot. The final dot must always be followed by a new line or white space.

Each style of block can be used interchangeably, however the closing symbol must match the opening symbol. It is considered good style to use only one style of block per file or to alternate one style with the other.


# C style block with curly braces
# Dodo style block starting with colon
Rationale: discussions about style are often polarising, and dodo tries to take no particular side. Curly braces blocks popularised first by C then Java are allowed, while the dodo style blocks remind of the Python syntax. However dodo style blocks end with a dot to avoid a known issue with indentation-based block endings.


v 2.3. Delimiters